UK Uncovered
How come??
Ah f*©k off, why not? I did a media degree, got into making pop videos and shit like that.  Before I knew it I was putting together promos & reels for nightclubs all over the country... and this was before BIG BROTHER but I noticed how much people would fuck about naturally as soon as a camera came out. So I just went with it...

In the end it took a shit load of time, persistence, debt and dedication to get it going, until it ended up as the cult show it is today. I only ended up presenting it ‘cos I am cheap to hire (for me - other producers can pay the going rate) and didn’t tend to argue back with myself too much...

Any Regrets?
Is that a joke? Seriously, no way. I mean, okay, my family have to cope with the ‘shame’ that i’ve made some shows where youe *gasp* see a girl’s arse or tits - or someone says some ‘rude words’. But no, no fucking regrets man... not about this much fun!

More UKU shows coming?
There are some new mash-ups on TRACE SPORTS (UK Sky Ch.442) and they’re going out in various other countries right now.

So YEAH, WHY THE HELL NOT EH? Oop, sorry for shouting - my hearings going due to old age and loud noise.

Anything else?
Well, just this : the guy on screen, he aint really real per se - but he is some kind of alter-ego, a personality extension if you like. So he does and says things I wouldn’t normally do day-to-day. That said however, we are both total wankers....

Words of Wisdom?
I quite like this one, I think it was in a film but I can’t recall which one; A young bull is on the top of a hill with it’s grandad, looking down over a field of young cows. He turns to his grandaddy & says “Hey, look at those cows down there...lets run down the hill and fuck one of ‘em!”. His grandaddy turns around, gives the young bull a disapproving look & says “No. Lets walk down & fuck ‘em all.” Q&A with Ricardo Quick Stats 

Richard Alexander
Status: F*çK Yeah (why not?)
Age : 87
Location: The North, UK
Height: 2’6” 
Education: BSc in Dumb
Occupation: Media Monkey
Birthday: June (all of it)
Interests: Of course 
Favorite Color: As if
Fave Film: Sticky
Fave Quote: Futue Te Ipsum
My Friends 
A motley crew...

You’ve no doubt seen ‘Big Nose’ pop up on some of my shows - usually having the piss taken out of him...

The funniest guy on the planet & a big star in Canada. Seriously, he can make you piss your pants in no time...

Known and loved as Tony Martini or Burt Rennolds from Donny. A skinny wee Yorkshire boy who can get into young boys’ t-shirts (obviously we can’t condone that kind of thing)... Dodgy.

A super-nice guy who insists he isn’t gay - despite the pout and the helmet. Honestly???

Sings in a pub band sometimes or something. Don’t actually know for sure, never seen ‘em, but know a guy who did once & he said they were actually OK.

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Produced / Presented
  UK Uncovered
  Summer Party
  Jo Guest’s Steam Room
  Late Attitude
  UK Uncovered 2
  The Randomball Run
  UKU Uncut
  UK Uncovered : Full On
 Michelle Marsh’s Steam Room
 The ‘C’ Word
 NUTS Babe Search
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 24-7 Clubber
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